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First person point and click adventure framework for Godot


EgoVenture is a Godot framework written in Gdscript for creating first person pont and click adventure games like the Carol Reed games by MDNA games for mouse- and touch-based games.

Actually, this engine was originally made by MDNA games together with deep entertainment and is used for the Carol Reed series since 2021.

It’s streamlined for their games, but may be of use for other developers as well. Thus we’re releasing it as Open Source under the MIT license.

If you want to see all the features, EgoVenture provides, check out the egoventure-example-game “Carol Refurbished”.


If you find bugs or need more features, please file an issue within this repository.

As this framework is used internally at Mdna Games, we’ll have to consider each new feature.

If a new feature doesn’t match or contradicts our needs, we might refuse to accept it, but we welcome you to fork this repository and implement it yourself.

You’re welcome to open pull requests about bugs or (confirmed) features any time and we’ll review it and might ask you for modifications. Thank you for your work!